About Us

We're a multi-cultural group, from the U.S., to China, to the Isle of Man, to Bolivia/S.A., people with a mission to get more people on bicycles!   One of our slogans, 'Burn Fat!  Not Oil!'  We offer travel services, not just for touring cyclists, however, for example if you need an airline ticketing.

Additionally, because of our careers in the entertainment industry (primarily U.S. and Europe) we develop talent.  'We help realize your dreams!'  I've attached my resume in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Other people directly involved are:

  • Angelo Jove, Bolivia
  • Lee Cook, the Isle of Man (U.K.)
  • Marty Yazlowitz, U.S.
  • Rajesh Khadka, U.S.
  • Xutan, P.R.China
  • Rotraut Boyens, Germany